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Thought as a social link generator through electronic music, our festival gather around free Sunday afternoon events, attracting between 3000 and 10000 people, over which are meeting and discovering activities for children and grown-ups, any public and artists “from here and there”. But not exclusively. 

As a cultural ambassador as much as a musical one, Bordeaux Open Air organizes live stream conferences, associating cultural actors in unique monuments of the local heritage. Agile partner of the Summer in Bordeaux, the festival carries electronic music places sometimes unexpected, thanks to its partners.

For its 3rd season opening, Bordeaux Open Air continues to grow and extend its horizons. A careful cultural programming, more places and rendez-vous, new partners, always throughout the lens of an summer season proposition opened on the world. 

Driven by the richness of a plural attendance, and by an alterity-oriented DNA, the Bordeaux Open Air will be inviting in 2018 one city and its sound ambassadors on each Sunday. Time for a moment together, to meet up each other, discover, dance, and celebrate the simple links created by diverse and varied cultures.

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