Some values!
As an advocator of respect for the planet and alterity, Bordeaux Open Air is committed to build its events around a responsible procurement charter (organic& local when possible, one or the other), as well as constantly watch to creat less waste, assuring the sorting and harvest on them on site. The event furnitures is designed with recycling valorizing processes, the reuse or lend as principal sourcing for raw materials. Our specifications charter include the whole commitments of the agenda 21 to which we agreed as well as the engagements taken regarding our stakeholders, you included !

Some good points !
In order to consolidate the constant enhancement politic of our eventsproduction we closely collaborate with AREMACS, an association seeking to guarantee support in eco-responsible processes during our events, but also with a pro-active action of identifying positive points of last 2017 season : the reduction of waste per person attending Bordeaux Open Air to an average of 39,7 grams (for 107,2 grams in 2016). The very important decrease of the use of glass over the manifestations (5 times less than in 2016) ; the recycling of the remaining 240 kilograms of glass allowed us to avoid the rejection of 110 kilograms in CO2 emissions. Similarly, the recycling of 350 kilograms of plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and aluminum cans allowed us to avoid the rejection of 2490 kilograms CO2 emissions. The choice for non-waste dishes, with its valorization subsidiary for the manifestation that was up in Rocher Palmer. Even if it is hard to reach perfect, it is not impossible to enhance and that is the direction our project tend to regarding this subject. 

For more information on our commitments, please do not hesitate to contact us or have a look at our press kit.