Brussels - DC Salas (live) w/ Kiosk Soundsystem + Fais Le Beau

Square Dom Bedos Bordeaux Open Air
June 30th 2019
Square Dom Bedos, Bordeaux
Free and open to all
For our first Sunday rendez-vous of the season, on the 30th of June, we can be found chilling out on Square Dom Bedos' cool grass, accompanied by the Belgian capital, Brussels my love !

An event curated by DC Salas, who has concocted a special line-up in order to faithfully represent the hyperactive Brussels' scene, gleefully surprising us with its cultural and artistic openness. Square Dom Bedos opens its arms to Kiosk Radio Sound System and Fais Le Beau, instigators of Gay Haze parties which simply cannot be missed.   

See the live event again !

La journée ne fait que commencer !Pas de panique si vous êtes bloqués au repas de famile : on vous offre le live de notre curator, DC Salas en direct !Merci Bruxelles ! 🇧🇪

Publiée par Bordeaux Open Air sur Dimanche 30 juin 2019

Other artists of the venue :

A Sunday at Square Dom Bedos in Bordeaux

Placed between two of the main cultural institutions of Bordeaux (TNBA and the conservatory), Square Dom Bedos is a 3 200 squared meters parc that offers an intimate atmosphere ideal for a sunny and musical Sunday afternoon.
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