Corsica - Ballà Boum Festival w/ Le Disko + Beach Wolf (live) + Acid Child

Square Dom Bedos Bordeaux Open Air
July 14th 2019
Square Dom Bedos, Bordeaux
Free and open to all
What better day than July 14th, our National Day, to honour the local and discreet, but always surprising, Corsican island.

A beautiful moment built to welcome the island’s most delicious speciality : The Ballà Boum Festival, bringing with it a bespoke line-up, fresh and seasoned accordingly to the summer heat.

While Beach Wolf promises to orchestrate a sizzling live, the unmissable local collective Disko and the Acid Child duo complete the line-up with two explosive DJ sets, cruising between Manchester and Corsica.  

Artists of the venue :

A Sunday at Square Dom Bedos in Bordeaux

Placed between the TNBA and the conservatory, this parc of 3 200 squared meters offers an intimate atmosphere ideal for a sunny and musical Sunday afternoon.
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