Corsica - Ballà Boum Festival w/ Le Disko + Beach Wolf (live) + Acid Child

Square Dom Bedos Bordeaux Open Air
July 14th 2019
Square Dom Bedos, Bordeaux
Free and open to all
For this event, Corse Island is invited and will reveal a special Corsican line up curated by Ballà Boum Festival.

A beautiful moment built to welcome the island’s most delicious speciality : The Ballà Boum Festival, bringing with it a bespoke line-up, fresh and seasoned accordingly to the summer heat.

While Beach Wolf promises to orchestrate a sizzling live, the unmissable local collective Le Disko and the Acid Child duo complete the line-up with two explosive DJ sets, cruising between Manchester and Corsica.  

Artists of the venue :

A Sunday at Square Dom Bedos in Bordeaux

Placed between two of the main cultural institutions of Bordeaux (TNBA and the conservatory), Square Dom Bedos is a 3 200 squared meters parc that offers an intimate atmosphere ideal for a sunny and musical Sunday afternoon.
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