Johannesburg - Dj Okapi w/ Esa + Ntombi Ndaba (live)

Jardin Public Bordeaux Open Air
July 7th 2019
Jardin Public, Bordeaux
Free and open to all
The 7th of July will sign our comeback to Jardin Public, a natural treasure placed in the heart of Bordeaux, showcasing the unmissable South-African metropole, Johannesburg.

Turning into a playground for a serious number of emblematic artists of the South-African scene, this invitation will be orchestrated by DJ Okapi, bringing along with him the best of the best from his local scene.

Multi-faced artist Mervin Granger Williams alias Esa will be seen alongside Ntombi Ndaba & Esa's Afro-Synth Band for a first musical venture outside of South Africa. 

Artists of the venue :

Sunday at Jardin Public of Bordeaux

True nature chest in the heart of Bordeaux, Jardin Public has became the cradle of Bordeaux Open Air since its first edition. Family place generating meetings, it has notably welcomed more than 16 000 people when New Delhi was invited in 2018.
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