Mauritius - Cream Cracker w/ GREG + Babani Records

Bordeaux Open Air Parc aux Angéliques
July 28th 2019
Parc aux Angéliques, Bordeaux
Free and open to all
Music knows no borders, and Maurice Island takes it upon herself to illustrate how global of a language a good tune can be! On Sunday, 28th of July, Bordeaux will resonate with sonorities and singularities endemic to the island, under the caring hand of unmissable local artist Cream Cracker.

Along with the founder of Babani Records and young talent GЯEG, the mission is to raise the colours of Mauritian rhythms high and proud. We’ve no doubt regarding the successful completion of this assignment.  

Artists of the venue :

A Sunday at Parc aux Angéliques de Bordeaux

New green space lifted in the lens of revitalizing the right side of the. river, Parc Aux Angéliques is follows Garonne's banks and offers a fresh air bubble to Bordeaux's residents investigating for out of time moments.  It is a pleasure for the festival to invest this green space for the first time this year.
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