Melbourne - Crown Ruler w/ Dj Jnett + Jeremy Spellacey + Lori + Jamie Bennett + Harvey Sutherland (live band)

Bordeaux Open Air Parc de Mussonville Bègles
August 25th 2019
Mussonville Park, Bègles
Free and open to all
For August 25th we dug straight through planet Earth and tunneled through to Australia. Landing in Melbourne, we packed our bags with an electronic line-up curated by Crown Ruler, the land’s most exciting collective.

As a result, Mussonville Park will flourish with a live concert by Harvey Sutherland, a set by fabulous Dj Jnett, another local hero Jeremy Spellacey, and of course, to top it all off, a beautiful B2B by the two heads of the collective, Lori and Jamie Bennett. 

Artists of the venue :

A Sunday at Parc de Mussonville in Bègles

Hosting a great biodiversity in the heart of Bègles, Parc de Mussonville resonates as a call for chill and rest. Its huge plateau of green and your dancing feet will offer him a whole new dimension, worthy of the period when huge cultural events were still bringing life to this space.
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