São Paulo - Trepanado (Selvagem) w/ Carrot Green + Pigmalião

September 29th 2019
Parc Palmer, Cenon
Free and open to all
In order to close the festival with smiles rather than tears, Bordeaux Open Air brings to light a very special city : proud and magnificent lady São Paulo. Known for its active clubbing scene, the cultural capital of Brazil is the last city we have chosen to invite in 2019. The event is curated by Trepanado, famous organizer of parties and open airs both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Ex-member of Selvagem, the well-known Brazilian duo founded with Milos Kaiser (head of the label Selva Disco), Trepanado is an official resident of the Dekmantel festival. Between post punk, house, psychedelic, batucada and Brazilian disco, his edits and productions make him a truly complete and emblematic artist. He brings with him Carrot Green, known to offer generously unique live experiences (expect some dance-inducing house), and Pigmalião, label boss and prolific producer. Behind the decks, expect regional musical flavours mixed with warm electronic beats.

Artists of the venue

A Sunday at Parc Palmer of Cenon

Parc Palmer is a giant playing field of 25 acres. Placed in Cenon and invested by the festival for the first time in 2017, this space is a true oxygen breath and offers a large panel of possibilities notably because of its natural amphitheater. Its views on Bordeaux will allow to close in the best manners !
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