Ballà Boum Festival

Ballà Boum Festival at Bordeaux Open Air
Founded in 2016, the « Ballà Boum Festival », held in the heart of Patrimoniu (a small wine makers village in between Bastia and Saint-Florent) brings together a team of passionate music lovers for a week-end-long adventure. Creating a universe resembling a huge end-of-summer ball, the event curates a modern selection, combining confirmed international artists and their small projects and putting forward a philosophy inviting to exchange « balli » (dancing) and « amore » (love).

For their trip to Bordeaux they’ve packed artists representing their region, Corsica, but also contrasting musical tastes : Disco, House, Synth- pop…. no barriers but a motto : “what’s important is not to be a good dancer, but to be persuasive about dancing well !”

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